IIK EA Virtual Quiz Game Terms

Tournament Framework

Tournament Scheduling

Phase APhase BPhase C
Team A vs Team BTeam C vs Team DWinner (Phase A vs Phase B)
Gameplay From Round 1 to 4

Gameplay Protocols

Based on past quiz, the IIK Virtual Quiz Challenge is a fast-paced question and answer game that will be conducted LIVE ONLINE between two teams of three players each. The Game Rounds will be hosted on the Kahoot Platform on the link: KAHOOT.IT.

For the best playing experience as a registered player, you will need to have:

  • Two devices – Either a Laptop and Phone OR Two Laptops or Two phones. One device will be for the ZOOM Session and the second one will be used to play the LIVE Trivia game.
  • *Incase you only have one device, you MAY attempt to play using TWO open Tabs on your Web browser for the ZOOM and Kahoot respectively.
  • On your second device, you MAY need to download the Kahoot App from the Google Play Store (Android Users) or the App Store (For iPhone Users)
  • Alternatively, the easier Option is to access the game from your web browser through the following link: www.kahoot.it
  • There will be Breakout Rooms to allow different games to occur at the same time. Please join the correct room to allow you to play the game at the required time. Failure to do so will lead to you missing your game and ultimately disqualification.

Gameplay Rules(from the 2nd to 5th Rounds)

  1. When a game starts the game master shall give a count of ten for participants to join. Failure to join will lead to disqualification.
  2. A quorum of at least 2 participants from each team is required to start the game.
  3. There will be no rescheduling of games. Please avail yourself during the stipulated time to avoid disqualification.
  4. No answering of questions on the chat or via unmuting and speaking. This will lead you to being removed from the zoom meeting with immediate effect.

Tournament Game Experience

As a tournament participant, you will log on to www.kahoot.it on your web browser and input the code as shared from the Quiz Masters Screen on the ZOOM platform

You will go ahead and set your nickname and your UNIQUE TEAM CODE that will be shared to you by the Quiz Masters Team.

Each game will have 6 questions in total with 2 General Knowledge Question,2 Famous Places, Faces and Logos and 2 Insurance Knowledge questions and which will score DOUBLE POINTS.

After every game, we shall add up ALL team players scores of the competing teams. The team with the highest cumulative score will be declared the WINNER of that game and will proceed to the next round. The losing team will be duly eliminated from the tournament.

NB: Kahoot awards players based on the time taken to answer, so aim to be fast and accurate for each of your answers.

Tie breakers are highly unlikely but incase of one. The teams will battle it out in a tiebreaker round as they answer 1 question. Team with the highest cumulative points moves to next round.

More Questions

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