To be Africa’s leading insurance Institute.


To enhance insurance professionalism through training, examination, certification and research.


The Insurance Institute of Kenya (IIK) is the umbrella body for insurance professionals in Kenya. It was formed in 1948 as an affiliate of the Chartered Insurance Institute London until 2002 when it was registered as a society by the Registrar of societies. It is recognized by the Insurance Regulatory Authority as the industry professional body and plans are underway to confer legal recognition status to the Institute.


  • Professionalism

    To have sufficient knowledge, skills and understanding in order to deliver quality service at the highest standards possible.

  • Integrity

    To relate with others in a manner that is beyond reproach, that is, trustworthiness and unquestionable character.

  • Transparency

    To adopt an open door policy that freely opens the doors to all stakeholders without prejudice.

  • Accountability

    To be ready to accept responsibility for our actions.

  • Team work

    To pull together in one direction and having a co-ordinated approach to issues.


The Insurance Institute of Kenya is an organization designed to formulate, establish and maintain high standards of insurance knowledge, training, practice and conduct in order to enhance the practice of insurance and public confidence in the insurance profession.

This organization is responsible for storing and disseminating the insurance knowledge by educational and training process and conducting examinations, enquiries, research, by publishing and distributing communications and journals in such manner as it deems fit.

The IIK component establishes and promotes scholarships, grant awards, prizes and encourages education and excellence in the principles and practices of insurance whenever funds are available. Here in IIK, we also act as a medium of consultation and communication with the government and its institutions established from time to time. It is also our duty to confer, consult, maintain contact and co-operate with other professional bodies established both within and outside Kenya having objectives similar to those of the institute.


Paybill number: 535418

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Bank: Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA)

Branch: Wabera Branch

A/C Name: Insurance Institute of Kenya

A/C Number: 6515850017

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