Kenya is set to host the 48th Africa Insurance Organization (AIO) Conference and Annual General Assembly from 25th to 30th June 2022 at the Edge Convention Centre at College of Insurance. AIO will also be celebrating its 50th Anniversary alongside the Conference.

The theme of the Conference is Insurance and Climate Change: Harnessing the opportunities for growth in Africa. Insurance Institute of Kenya (IIK) is delighted to be involved during the preparation of this great event as the umbrella body of Insurance professionals in Kenya. IIK is a member of AIO and therefore its paid-up members can leverage on its membership to enjoy a discounted rate for the upcoming conference. The charges for the conference will be Kshs.60,000.00 for non- member and Kshs.Kshs.40,000.00 for members.

In respect of the foregoing, we urge you to support your insurance professionals whose IIK membership subscriptions for year 2022 have not been paid so that they can enjoy the discounted rate as they gain a wealth of knowledge and skills during the conference as well as other IIK membership benefits going forward. Kindly feel free to contact the IIK Secretariat on email info@iik.or.ke or call on 020 2330255/77. More details on the AIO Conference can be obtained through the following link https://bit.ly/3N8XZO1.